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Thurston County Tribal Position Update

Study of Thurston Area Tribal Nations:
Chehalis Tribe, Nisqually Indian Tribe, Squaxin Island Tribe

Fifty years ago and again 23 years ago the LWVTC studied US tribal law and concerns and conflicts of relevance to tribes with rights in this state. In 2022-23 a Study Committee reviewed the many changes in the past decades and issued the Study of Thurston Area Tribal Nations, February, 2023.

The Study focused on the three tribes in the Thurston County area: Chehalis Tribe (people of the sands), Nisqually Indian Tribe (people of the grass country/people of the river),and Squaxin Island Tribe (people of the waters).

In May 2023 the chapter adopted seven position statements positions. These covered: Health Care, Sustainable Fish and Orca Management, Education About Tribes, Tribal Youth Attainment of a High School Diploma, Sovereignty and Right to Self-Governance, Infrastructure Planning, and Local Tribal History and Culture Awareness.

 For a copy of the Study, the positions, or the Executive Summary, click on the boxes.

Executive Summary Study of Thurston Area Tribal Nations LWVTC Feb 2023

Study of Thurston Area Tribal Nations LWVTC Feb 2023

For further learning, we recommend a free, self-paced, online Indian County 101 course. This 20 hour course was created in 2023 The Whitener Group (TWG), a tribal firm (Squaxin Island Tribe), and Washington chapter of The Nature Conservancy (TNC). The course focuses, after an introduction to tribal issues across the U.S., on Washington tribes.

Indian Country 101 Course

Picture of Nisqually tribe members fishing

Study of Thurston Area Tribal Nations

To download a copy of the Study of Thurston Area Tribal Nations LWVTC Feb 2023 click on the link

The League approved the seven new or amended positions as a result of the Study and the chapter consensus discussion held in late March. Download a copy of the Approved Positions May 25, 2023

Video of March 9 Tribal Forum

Centennial Accord Forum YouTube Video
March 9, 2023
YouTube Video March 9 Forum

Notes to accompany video of March 9 Forum
Notes for Forum YouTube Recording

  • LWVTC members will meet on March 30 to discuss potential new or revised position statements
    • Members review the Study document in advance
    • Members consider the consensus questions (available in early March)
    • Members come to consensus about consensus topic
    • Study Committee and Board members bring draft new and revised consensus statements to the May Annual Membership meeting
    • Members advocate based on the consensus statements

Thanks To the Entire Study Team

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Team Members:
Team Members:

The Tribal Position Update Team Members are:
Judith Carter
Sharon Herting
Shelley Kneip
Dave Peeler
Loretta Seppanen
Peggy Smith
Karen Verrill
Eleanor Walters

P.O. Box 2203
Olympia WA 98507