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Reproductive Freedom in Washington & US

Lunell Haught, PhD President, League of Women Voters of Wa | Published on 6/24/2022
Many of us who remember the era before Roe v. Wade (Dobbs) are almost speechless. Those of us who do not are probably feeling emotions ranging from numb to active.

I want you to be aware of state action and keep you up to date on messaging. You may want to use some of the ‘whereas’ points in letters to editors and on social media.
  • We have researched and confirmed that Washington State reproductive rights are secure for now. In addition to the laws passed prior to the 2022 legislative session, during this session we successfully worked to pass HB 1851. It prohibits the state from taking action against an individual based on pregnancy out comes or for assisting a pregnant individual in exercising the right to reproductive freedom. We will continue to work to protect reproductive rights in Washington state.
  • We sent an email to each state legislator at the end of the last session reinforcing the importance of reproductive choices in Washington.
  • We have submitted a thoroughly researched resolution identifying the League’s commitment to reproductive choice to the LWVUS National Convention happening now in Denver. Thank you to Susan Martin (the new San Juan League President) who stepped forward at LWVWA Council to research and write this. With modifications from the resolutions committee, it will be presented this afternoon.
Read the text of the proposed resolution

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